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New Member With A Rare Vehicle

Alex dyer

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Hello to everyone out there reading.

I have recently acquired a 1982 1800GLF Auto

It has been dry stored since 1985 and has a cracking 20,000 mile on it.

The car is almost in mint condition. The Interior Is perfect all be it brown velour!

And the engine and gear box are also perfect.

I put it through an MOT This week and it only failed on one wheel cylinder!

I found that pretty amazing!.

My reasons for joining the forum was to see if I could access the wealth of knowledge from your members!

I have no space to keep the car and I am wishing to sell it.

I have checked on www.howmanyleft.com and this would seem to be the only one of its kind on the road in the UK.

This I thought may bring some appeal to it.

If anyone has any bright ideas as to where I would be able to get the best price possible for it I would greatly appreciate it.

I am not even sure if there is a vintage market for subarus??

I do hope so!

I look forward to any input anyone may have to help.







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That looks a great car. They are indeed very rare and it wouldn't surprise me that it's the only one on the road.

I had not heard of any classic Subaru either and I guess the best place to market it would be a classic car forum rather than a Subaru forum.

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Hi thanks for your responses.

I am just starting to get it out there as I have no idea what it is worth.

I have just posted it on a classic car web site as suggested so will hope for something from there.

Thanks for your time.

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Hi and welcome to S.O.C

Amazing find I'd be shocked if there isn't a buyer for it subaru does have an amazing following of its cars. As for price of your car I've not got a clue either. So rather you than me [emoji6]

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Hi I haven't even put it up for sale yet!

I thought I would ask around the forums to see if I can acertain a value for it.

I will take a load of photos tomorrow of the interior and engine bay etc and post them.

I'm not even sure where to advertise! Any ideas?

Be sure this is 100% for sale

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My first Subaru was a blue 1800 GLF hatchback and the interior was similar to your beauty but the outside wasn't the same. Yours has twin front headlights and mine has single units. Mine was a manual 4 speed with lo ratio. Loved it but it rotted away to nothing.

Hope you get a good price for that car.

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