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  1. With all them bonnets up, where would you start on a Saturday afternoon, armed with a few tinnies! Looking for a version 2 myself but those look a bit too nice for what I have planned. Anyone know of any for sale that need a little work?
  2. Thanks for the replies, I have heard of the ecutek option but mappers up here are generally for diesels and economy maps! Got an alcatek ecu that I can use as well but hoping to find someone with a good reputation that can flash that and remap if poss. 👍
  3. Any suggestions for mappers who will do classics (V5 impreza) guys. North east proffered.
  4. What's best exhaust to go for? Got a 3" unknown make system with 5" tailpipe and a 3" open mouth downpipe with sports cat at the moment. Not using the car as a daily so apart from getting a pull, I'm not too bothered about the noise! Fancy the look of Haywood and Scott group a replica exhaust. Anyone have any experience of Haywood and scott exhausts recently?
  5. Thanks, started of with a few bodywork issues and a blown engine but ended up as a full rebuild! Probably would of took a lot less time but when you try to manage your spend and change your mind over the time you have it, it just ends up being a long time. Especially when your expected to do jobs round the house and extra hrs at work to pay for it all! Goes canny well like, better than I'd imagined. Of to get it laser aligned this afternoon 👍
  6. Hi. After Carbon fibre wrc style mirrors for a classic impreza (GC8). Genuine carbon ones that is. Thanks Mark
  7. Hi all, been a member on here for a while but probably not as active as others! Anyway enough Bull****, I finally got the subaru on the road and tested today and can't believe what I've been missing. Took 5yr but worth it just for the grin factor alone.
  8. Hi all, looking for an aftermarket ecu or ecutek ecu with licence for my 99' impreza turbo 2000.
  9. Probably won't be doing the track but want to get it as good as possible in case I do! Thanks for the tip, I was thinking of beefing up the rear mounts by modifying the bracket so it fastens by a bolt either side of the bushes.
  10. Wanted, impreza gc8 (Classic) Rear whiteline 24mm adjustable anti roll bar
  11. Thanks for the reply but I've got a 22mm adjustable front one to go on aswell, so really need the 24mm rear to complement it.
  12. Wanted, impreza gc8 (Classic) Rear whiteline 24mm adjustable anti roll bar