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  1. key issue, one button Lock/unlock

    It should start car if use pin code turn alarm off or other fob from distance (don't want that transponder near steering switch) . Not that common for transponder chip (scan key) play up but would be wise check it starts car fine before proceeding . button fault on the fob board is quite common though, I get at least 2 fob issues a month from the sigma alarms. pretty simple swap parts and program in new fob. alarm guide below that maybe helpful .
  2. key issue, one button Lock/unlock

    Yes transponder is packed into housing that holds the blade. Swapping board and programming new remote is easy and workable option. Option 2 is sending your key off for button be replaced on the board, is a few services for this via post at about £20 + or - couple quid ...
  3. you can get a !Removed! load of condensation in exhausts, I seen a few back boxes gurgling due to it lol. Nothing worry about this time of year. CV boot easy enough and cheap enough . do normally put down advisory on those if showing its age though .
  4. Guess the suburu part!!!

    its the link for the headlight levelling sensor ...
  5. Is my new Scooby Terminal?

    If it was smoking as much as you say from my experience you would see evidence of a leak easily either in plug and piston crown colour, coolant loss, gas analyser sniff test or combination of these. easy enough do a relative compression check and takes 5 minutes, good comp test with transducer pressure sensor can tell you a lot but not quickest to do on a subaru. Wouldn't worry about rest of engine if passes few basic tests but as always it can be bit of gamble. Shame trader made a mess of diagnosis :-/ really not that hard to of drawn some better conclusion than he did ! . Don't buy a Citroen lol, that just total stupidity .
  6. you normally would split BJ at arm so prety normal for it come without. You will HAve BJ's on car which may be good enough reuse (inverted design like subaru use see's BJ's can last well over 130K . If need replacing then Moog and 555Japan about the best from my experience and not expensive over the monkey metal crap in pattern part market these days .
  7. Put an offer in on these for £70 Get a proper alignment from a good shop after fitting . job jobbed
  8. Hi, do you know of a good Forester for sale, not too far from West Devon ?



  9. Rear Wiper Blade

    A better alternative for rear is these AC delco flat blades. Just started using these as quality better and price superb. The 15" Fit perfect on SG or SF Forester rear .
  10. bumpers

    what model forester SF SG SH ... ...
  11. Winning noise

    wheel bearing I expect, diff normally changes noise pitch as load/unload via throttle and normally very easy pinpoint noise . Best way with bearings is run it in gear on lift and use stethoscope on hubs, normally easy distinguish noisy ones out of the 4 this way . If do bearings only use japan bearing kits as not much more cost but 10 times the quality .
  12. Winning noise

    road drive it on clear road and rock steering left to right and see if noise stops when loaded , if does should be wheel bearing . Rear dif is very distinguishable noise and generally very easy tell it rear . Diff noise normally worsens at speed in corners . If noise can be produced on ramp running in gear should find likely area in 10 minutes with screwdriver and funnel or stethoscope .
  13. Head gasket question

    ^ you get MLS gaskets coated that can be stopper or non stopper constructed stopper refers to internal metal layer that either folded around cylinder or die press ridged so it creates more clamp force around cylinder bore. The coating is purely a micro sealing aid and differing metal barrier to corrosion issues .
  14. Lifted bugeye wagon aka "foretza"

    making a forester look like weak sauce lol . skid plate fits well with trimmed bumper .
  15. Head gasket question

    Cosworth is what I normally use as priced far better, half price of RCM for same die cut stopper type gasket available in 0.78 and 1.1, RCM headgaskets are proper decent but bit over priced . Used cosworth for years on sr20's and ej's and they been superb and pricing superb too .