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  1. I was driving the XV down some pretty windy roads the other day, and this soft rear end question popped into my head. Coming from an Outlander which I assume? is 4x4, but FWD when driven normally? Could it be just a feeling of coasting through the corner? I certainly feel that if you are on the throttle in the corner the back end grips and stays firm, but if you lift off and coast, it becomes bouncier.
  2. None taken, I only had the dealer re-gas it as I was able to get it done FOC due to the car being bought from them. I'll see if there are any specialists nearby that can have a look at it.
  3. Think I might have a similar problem, When we got the car ~ July last year the Aircon was pretty rubbish. I got the dealer to re-gas and it improved (I would say that it was still not as good as it should have been). Now the hot weather is back it is much more obvious that the AC is not working again. we ran the car with AC on for 40 mins and i think it must have been blowing at about 19 degrees, certainly not Icy cold like AC should be. As the car is now 3 years old, what are my options? Do i have any clout at the garage i bought it from to get it sorted? or Will Subaru look at it?
  4. That's what I thought. So told them to put it back together and I would do it myself. Tidgy, your right, way cheaper to go through ECP or the likes. Part of where I work does truck maintenance, so I managed to get pads disks and a fitting kit for under £100 through a local motor factors I'll fit them when they start to grind.
  5. Yikes! Just had a call to say that the front Brakes were getting thin and that they would need to do discs and pads. Wanted £345 to do them, and that was a reduced rate as the brakes were already in bits £87.36 per disc £124.00 for Front Pads £45 fitting (Half an hour as brakes were apart for the service apparently)
  6. Our XV is in for a service today (4th year) they are wanting £510! (AF Noble - Penicuick) As its there or Ian Grieves in Falkirk (whom I don't think did a wonderful job last time) I've bit the bullet and told them to go ahead with it. Will report back what they do.
  7. Welcome! Sorry to hear you don't love your XV, I agree with you and marcothio, the do feel a bit soft at the back, but they definitely do grip. I wonder if it is set up a bit like a pick-up with the expectation that you will always have 100kg of stuff in the boot to firm up the ride? I'm sure they did some suspension tweeks between facelifts, I cant remember if they made it softer or firmer though... Comparing apples for apples the Outlander is surely a closer match in size to the newer era Foresters? While the XV is essentially a tall Impreza. Hopefully the back end isn't anything stupid like cheap tyres, or over/under inflation, and I hope that you can get to a happy place where you are confident in the ride. (I'm sure one snowy day will shake any feelings of doubt!)
  8. Found out what the wee circles with 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 on the speedo are for. (Maximum speed in each gear) Also found out that there is a symbol that looks like a cog/gear with an arrow in it. I was coming down a fast 60mph road and needed to turn left onto a very small lane so went from 5th gear into 2nd while braking hard (Clutch was still in at this point) and all hell broke loose, beeping and flashing basically telling me not to be an idiot and not to release the clutch, then it stopped as soon as my speed dropped past the circled 2 on the speedo. Interesting feature I suppose it stops you blowing the engine up by mistake, as long as you know what its beeping at you for.
  9. Was behind a Silver XV today near cairn o mount in Aberdeen, reg ??66 MMO looking good in Silver with big mud flaps and and a dog guard. Anyone on here? I was in the works black VW Passat. (Yawn)
  10. Forgive my lack of technical knowledge on this. Injectors Failing causing crankshaft to break? Would this be due to the injectors firing at the wrong time or too much fuel/ too little fuel? Would a replacement set from a Newer engine/upgraded set, be the fix or is it more complex than this? (surely it must be more complex?) Cheers.
  11. Hello, I am considering replacing my Petrol SG Forester with a Diesel Impreza. But have been reading a lot about the early engines failing with a broken Crankshaft / Crankshaft Bearing. Does anyone know what VIN number or Engine Serial number was the last of the worst (Euro4) engines, that way I can try and ask around and avoid any lemons. - believe it was end of 2009 they changed the design but would rather go on serial numbers to be sure. Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. Just Gamble on not needing it! Weight savings and all... But in all honesty, I've got a Can of Gloop in the boot and an electric pump stuffed under the drivers seat for any emergency. I've had one puncture and drove 18 miles wondering what was wrong with my suspension before I clicked that it was flat! Turns out, much like the original Citroen DS :) Foresters are not bothered by punctures.
  13. I think (could be wrong) that the Tribeca is the only Subaru with a Legal 7 seat capacity. So that would limit your choices, Although I'm sure that you could squeeze 7 into any model of forester :)
  14. Spent Saturday having a good clean of the car, and trying to polish out some of the minor scratches that come from driving down country lanes and parking in supermarket car parks. I was giving the door jams a wipe down and noticed a section of bubbling paint. Car is a 2013 model. Has anyone else had any issues with the paint in this area? or had any paintwork sorted under warranty? I'm fully signed off on the body and paintwork checks on the car so hoping that if it turns into an issue it should be sorted relatively easily?
  15. I like it, but I think I prefer the old wheels. No mention of a hybrid version though.