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  1. Slight knock under light load

    Will be interesting to hear the outcome. Hope it's not catastrophic, there certainly doesn't seem to be many story's of low mileage engine issues on XVs. Hope it's something easy.
  2. Winter wheels & tyres

    So finally put the "new" wheels and tyres on the xv, ready for the cold weather (and the fact the summer rubber was on the brink of legality) need to give the car a wash, but I think they look pretty good!
  3. About the DPF

    Going to hijack this thread as it's quite close to my question. Having had a catastrophic water pump/timing belt failure on my Forester I have borrowed my dad's Citroen DS4 (it was sat idle for about 3 months) After a week of use it died, went into limp mode and has just been diagnosed as a failed diesel injector. The garage has said that it could be partly due to poor quality fuel clogging the injector and dpf. In the XV does anyone, or has anyone used diesel additives, such as Wynn's diesel particulate filter cleaner or diesel injector cleaner? I'm fairly good at putting "quality" diesel in whenever I fill the car but it's probably only 1/5 or 1/10 tanks, as my partner uses the xv as her daily and typically uses whatever diesel she is nearest. (Her commute is probably 25 mins of A roads at 45-65mph followed by 10-15 mins of city driving) I have never seen the dpf light come on when I've been driving. Oh, the repair bill for the DS is £500+ hence the sudden squirm regarding dpf and injector cleanliness.
  4. Diesel Highest Mileage competition

    Thanks guys, I was hoping for Subaru Diesel storys, or do they all just die at 100,000 miles? I've had a few PSA diesels in the past that have made it to ~200,000 miles before everything else collapsed around them. Hoping that the Subaru might be similar.
  5. Oil & Oil change

    Right XVGus and all other home oil changers, I'm pretty sure this is how I did it. It's a little bit of a pain to do, but worth a shot. Have fun.
  6. Diesel Highest Mileage competition

    I'll go first XV 2013 52,000 miles No issues other than a dispute with the dealer regarding the oil used at its last service. & The Occasional strange warning light, cleared by turning on and off.
  7. I'm interested to see what the highest mileage recorded by a diesel owner is. And of any Mechanical misshap that might have befallen them on the way. Car Age Mileage Technical issues/repairs etc.
  8. XV on LPG

    Dont know of anyone who has done a conversion, but i'd certainly be interested to see the results. Main issue I guess is that there is no spare wheel well, which limits you to a tank in the boot, or raising the boot and unfortunately the boot isn't huge to start with. The second problem is that (unless i'm mistaken) the majority of XVs are Diesels so there likely few people who have considered doing this. I had my Forester converted at Leeds LPG, with a KING LPG system, while the system is fine ( has worked flawlessly since installation 3 years ago) and the installation was quick, i dont know if I would reccomend them for a new car such as the XV... they are perhaps a little cheap and chearfull. Best of luck if you do go ahead with it and let us know the results. (PS. dont listen to the LPG naysayers)
  9. Oil & Oil change

    Hi XVGUS, I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a reset that you can do through the steering wheel controls, I'm 99% Sure I found the info online somewhere or even the XV Handbook... Have a click through the settings/service with the steering wheel controls and look for anything to do with oil change, hopefully it will be obvious. Johnny B is right its something to do with pollutants in the oil. the car must do some wizardry dependant on the age/level of pollutants. Also yes, I had a bit of a go at the suppliers of my XV as they had used 5W-30 in the service prior to me buying the car, I contacted Subaru UK, who said that 5W-30 is perfectly fine. Have fun doing the oil, its so lovely having a filter on top of an engine. but be warned the oil will flood out the bottom once that sump plug is out!
  10. Tyres

    Thanks Dogconker, yes the better half does like to drive it quite fast... and there are lots of twisties on her way to work. I've rotated them and got a digital pressure gauge with kpa setting so that I can keep an eye on the pressures. Winter wheels will no doubt be going on soon, or once the tred gets below 1.6mm so I'll get saving for a replacement set.
  11. Couple of Problems me thinks?

    Nice one, glad you got it all sorted out, and are enjoying the car! Get some pictures up so I can wave at you in the street!
  12. Tyres

    Has anyone had any issues on the XV with the outside edges wearing quickly? When we bought the car a year ago it was fitted with a new set of Event Potentum UHP 225/55 R17 V97 I had the tracking checked after about 6 months, with no noticeable changes required, but now ~14,000 miles later the outside edges have scrubbed really badly. Just wondering if it is a common issue or not?
  13. Couple of Problems me thinks?

    We paid £585 from AF Noble for our 4th year service! fook me i had my pants pulled down. Lucky I didnt let them do the front brakes/pads else i wouldnt have had much change from £1k.
  14. Couple of Problems me thinks?

    I don't believe 3rd is a problem gear, I only get to drive ours at the weekend as its the parters car. Definitely don't rush into it, there are plenty XV's coming on the market at the 3 year old mark, I'm sure if you wait you will get another. I rushed into buying our one, and I ended up doing an oil change, filters and alignment to satisfy myself that the work had actually been done. You might also be better off looking at one that has just had its 4 year service, as this is an expensive one, with rear diff oil and all other sorts of costly fluids included.
  15. Couple of Problems me thinks?

    XVGUS, I had a quick look at the pullies on the XV, I took a video, but can't upload it at the moment. I did not see any significant movement on any of them. The tensioner had a slight wobble as the belt ran around it, but probably only 1mm or so in the direction the belt would be pulling it. For reference this is on a 2013 diesel with about 47,000 miles, it's just had it's 4 year service.