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Cesar Milan owns an XV


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??? This must be an example of the famous British humor that we from abroad don't understand???

I considered Cesar as one of the good guys, helping the dog owners who wants help with their dog, to understand that its really themselves that are in need for help and need to change their behavior etc.

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No, not a joke. He's not very respected, if at all over here by experienced dog owners or the animal behaviourists. His approach based on amichien bonding which is all to do with being the leader of the pack is very outdated and while will get results isn't the correct way to manage a dog.

It's a negative reinforcement approach rather than a positive reward based approach.

There's also rumours of electric shock collars being used and other negative methods. Shock collars are banned in the UK so I understand.

The modern approach is more like children where the family is not seen as a pack but as a unit where the dog is a member. Rewarding positive behaviour and ignoring negative behaviour is the current approach. It's true that owners make bad dogs but I don't think his way is the best for the dog, though would probably work for the owner.

I personally don't like his approach, just my personal opinion. I get the feeling from the thread I'm not alone.

As for why I wouldn't want the same car, mainly because he's just to slimy and cheesy.

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Im glad my missus hasn't seen this thread..She loves the guy! When we got our rottie from rescue he was a bugger with other dogs,jumping up etc.So she kept watching his program and she was becoming a expert! Anyway I sorted the dog out myself-took over a year but she's 90% better

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OK. Interresting input. I might reconsider. :)

My sambo´s sisterdoughter (niece) studied at an agricultural college, focusing on dogs, and I will ask here opinion about his methods. I think I've heard some similar from here before about Cesar.

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