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Correct antifreeze


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I can't be doing with Prestone.  don't rate it.


Most anti freeze seems to be green or red but blue is Organic Acid Technology, or OAT as it is known.  Which is apparently the dogs.  some you can mix and some you can't.  It's an odd thing because we'll spend a fortune on engine oil but sod all on anti freeze.  Chances are, i'd go to Subaru mainstealers or Opie.  I wouldn't go with Asda own brand or similar.  Opie have got 20 odd to choose from - http://www.opieoils.co.uk/c-458-coolant-antifreeze.aspx.


hope it help


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As long s it's an etholyneglycol coolant it should be ok, subaru changed to a low maintenance/longlife one a couple years back, it used to be Green and now it's red I think? as long as you change what ever coolant at the intervals suggested you should have no problems

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Mines being changed next Sunday because I found a tiny pin prick hole on my rad [emoji35]

Only found it because I see a bit of steam. It was only leaking when the engine was up to 3000/3500 rpm and I was driving steady on the way home. Checked levels and doesn't seem to have dropped levels by much.

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