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hi im new to the scooby world


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hi all ive not long had my bugeye i love it i want to give it good service and ive noticed the clutch is high but not at the stage of slipping but would like to get it done just finding it abit hard where to buy from? also maybe bigger turbo? its been remaped decat and full exhaust system fuel pump the guy i got it off said its at 280 bhp and i believe him it is quick but ive always want a car with 300 bhp could some please point me in right direction. also is a clutch big job my mate as his own garage could we do it together in a day?  

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Wotcha and welcome - sourcing a clutch is straight forward if you know what you want to spend, as mentioned scooby world do them




look at doing a flywheel skim to ensure all is good on reassembly and avoid premature wear


Yes you and you mate should get it done in a day at a garage with jacks, tools etc

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As long as you've got a way to get the whole car safely high enough (front and back ) to clear the gearbox bellhousing you should be fine .

Get some fresh gearbox oil as you'll loose the old stuff if you remove the prop and a new genuine turbo outlet gasket.

I replaced the drive and propshaft seals , flywheel spigot bearing while I had the box off too .

Other than the fact that scoobs use a "pull clutch " so you have to remove the clutch fork shaft to separate the box and engine they're pretty straightforward imo .

I bought my 5 speed exedy pink box anti judder clutch from mark @ lateral performance (rated to 400hp)

And all genuine gaskets and seals from importcarparts .

I assume that you're currently running a tdo4 turbo ?

If so a standard tdo4 won't be able to break the 300hp barrier

Cheapest options for standard fitment turbos would probably be

Tdo5's good for 350 hp

Vf34 good for 340 hp

Vf 23/24/28 good for 320 hp

All approx depending on surporting mods of cause[emoji6]

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Hi guys thanks for all you replies very thankfull could I be pain in the bum and get one of you to to write list of parts to get and website to buy them off? Yeah my mate owns his own garage with 4 poster ramp so that all good he only charing me 100 pound to fit! I have about about 300 spair for all the other bit's

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