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Events manager / Organiser


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We're currently looking for a full time Events Manager/Organiser

If you enjoy planning, organising and meeting people, this could be just what you are looking for. Events managers are responsible for organising all kinds of events, From Japshow, NBO, Trax, Japfest just to name a few. You would control getting members signed up to posting the events on the forum checking prices if it's individual persons or a car. Myself (Gambit) and stants will be here to help, so you won't be on your own. And I will pursue on posting the events around on other forums like UKlegacys as long as they're happy with the event. 


To become an events manager, you will need to have good communication and 'people' skills. You will need to be good at problem-solving. You will also need to have lots of determination and a positive attitude. This isn't a role for just anybody I believe it takes a lot of dedication but also feels very rewarding. 


Your job would normally include:

  • Researching possible club stand events
  • Finding out costs of the events 
  • Posting event on the forum
  • Getting members signed up
  • Making sure everyone has paid up


I will also get it so you will have Moderators rights within the full Events and Regional sections of the forums. You will be left to Organise as you see fit, or how it works better for you. Myself (Gambit) and Stants will help in anyway you need us. I will also make sure you have a nice title on the forum so people know you're the boss :D

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Haha I don't do text speak or yoof business. So going on 60 I don't even listen to the wireless these days apart from talk sport and as for buying any music not done that for 5 years at least, must have been going over the age of 30 makes you old in mind, apart from yourself I reckon your regressing as time goes on

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