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Rusty arches how much £


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Haha I didn't want to point out that it was a duplicate, just get a few quotes see what you think and what kind if feel you get from the shops,

My mazda had sill/arch work done, took it to what I thought was a reputable bodyshop the work looked good but the metal used was so thin the sill started to bubble again after 12 months

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Least it shop's that he's busy which is better than nothing I suppose. Have you done anything to try and stop it from growing ?

I'd maybe take the paint off the worse side and treat the rust then pop some zinc based primer on it. Least it will slow it down a bit

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Quite hard do real long lasting job as does need all rust metal removed, pre weld primers applied prior to new sections added & likes of epoxy primers used due due high corrosion area. Inner side needs treatment too.

Don't do bodywork myself & even in trade it hard get real quality, prices vary by 100% & big price not always the best work.

Always get some idea on warranty against corrosion return, seen to many rear arches on nissan & subaru with repairs that don't make 2yrs & that shocking really with modern paints & chemicals ...

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