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In desperate need of help!

Had my engine rebuilt due to big end failure. It failed again after just over a week and my mechanic went bust while he had my car. I told him to prepare the car for shipment so I could move it to another garage.


The problem is he just dumped the entire engine in hundreds of pieces in my boot and on my back seats!!! I bought a second hand engine from a legacy which has now been almost fitted but we're left with a part that we have no idea where it goes... It is a very chunky lump of metal with 3 large holes and one smaller hole - picture attached.



If anyone could even take a guess at what it is that would be great.





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Thanks for the quick reply.

Can't be anything to do with a turbo I'm afraid because both my original impreza engine and the legacy engine I just bought are both non-turbo... It must have either come from my impreza engine (because it was one of the many pieces dumped in the car) or not belong to my car and have been put in there by accident. The legacy engine was delivered in one piece so we know it can't have come from that...

Any other ideas?



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Tell me about it.. The engine's in, running and sounding great - this is the only thing stopping me bringing it home :( I've been without this car for about 4 months now and lost £2000 to the mechanic who bodged the rebuild and went bust. This repair has now cost slightly more than half of what I paid for the car :(

If any of you know anyone you could contact who might know where this goes I beg you to try and find out..


Thanks again

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Well I can tell you it's not off a classic turbo ,which is not much use I know

as I've completely stripped and rebuilt the engine, drivetrain and bodywork a few classics .

This is the classic upipe to block bracket with 3 holes but it's a completely different shape .

can I see part numbers on it ?

If so maybe give em a google

sorry I can't be of any help but I've never worked on a n/a scooby , best of luck bud


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