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2015 sti aftermarket wheels

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Hi been looking at some new wheels stock wheel size i think is 18×8.5 +55 with 245/40/18 tyres i was looking at a set but bigest size they do is 18×8 +45 235/40/18 was wondering what you guys think ok or should i go for a different wheel bigger size

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I second revolution motorstore. They're big into their scoobs and will probably be able to recommend a few others. Also when you speak to them you feel like they take the time to make sure you get what you want.

I've been looking at wheels maybe just dreaming cos I won't have much cash left over when I get the car but there was a few nice OZ 19's in subaru fitment 8.5 wide other than that I liked the speed line Turini and some of the bbs looked like they would look well on it, as it's a blue subaru it just won't look right without gold wheels ;)

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I was not that keen on the 19" wheels and there is not as many wheel sizes that fit the 2015 as the 2014 as the space between the face of the hub and the inside of the arch is less meaning you cant have as low of an et on the 2015 as the 2014 the sizes i am lead to believe are 2014 hub to arch 110mm and on the 2015 its 70mm

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Not sure how many of you are aware, but the 2015's have TPMS (tyre pressure monitor system) on the wheels. This is a sensor that's on the back of the inflation valve. When you take the car in for tyre swaps make the fitters aware of this because they can smash the sensors if they break the bead in the wrong place.

Also, if you are planning to keep your original wheels then you may need to buy a second set of sensors. They cost £130 from Subaru but a decent tyre shop should be able to get them for about £75.

I'm told that the TPMS 'self learns' any new sensors or wheel swaps (i.e. front to back). I'm yet to verify this but I may test this when I put my winters back on this weekend.

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White-sti-2008 thanks for the offer but i think i going to go with a set of bronze wheels

Huwjones thanks for the info i was aware it has tpms but i did not know how they were fitted this is very helpful as i was going to retain the std tyres so thanks:-)

I have been speaking to revolution (thanks for the heads up stants)about a set of rota g force wheels in bronze in 18×9 et35 and keeping the dunlop 245/40/18 tyres what you guy think of the wheel he sent me picture as not quite made my mind up its so hard when you cant see it against the car


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