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Sneak preview to Impreza Thermal Imaging


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Hello all,


you may remember a bit ago I posted a thermal image of my Vauxhall Astra, 

well i had a but of time over the weekend to do some images of my 03 Subaru Impreza Blobeye, 

unfortunately I had some issues with my memory cards, so many of the good images I couldnt get across.


but here is what i managed to salvage :)

(just let it idle until warm) 




some time in future I will do brakes, exhaust and other stuff as well as better quality images, more like this...




also, engine bay for your information 




any questions feel free to ask and i will do my best to answer,

kind regards


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Yea there is no end of uses for it :) and seeing as you voted for my car in the face book picture contest I will let you ;)

It's ok I won't take credit for them :) just think it's different and pretty sure nobody I know will have seen anything like it, some of them might not give a monkeys but there boring people :D  

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No problem man. I did try to do it within this set of images as i can stitch the images together so can show the whole system (in theory) but due to technical issues I will re do this when I do my others

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I don't have a blanket on mine, if you are in the area at all i could do it on yours :)

I will also do one from outside, it's not a great surface as infrared still reflects and doesn't emmit well from different materials but you can still get some information from it

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