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I have a classic sport, how hard is it to turbo, or engine conversion?

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Hello everyone I'm new to this club, I have just brought myself a Subaru Impreza sport wagon,

It's a lovely car brilliant to drive it's just missing that one thing I love and that's the turbo

I know this is a common question and people get annoyed with the post sorry!!!

But my question today is can I conver my N/A engine into a turbo without spending to much money

Or can I just buy another engine,Loom,Ecu and just install and drive? And what's the rough price it's going to cost me?

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I agree with matt I'm afraid it's far to much effort and the insurance would be more expensive than just buying a turbo version in the first place .

It can be done but you'd need a complete donor wagon for parts .







Engine and auxiliaries .

And plenty of free time and space .

If you can afford to insure a turbo why not just buy one and fit the good bits off the sport


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