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Couple of little mods...............for now

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Well decided to change the JVC head unit for a full screen type with gps









Best bit :)



Also decided on a boost gauge,well mr 50%  :lol: as i will plumb in at weekend when i have time. Still it did not stop me mounting it ready. Do like the pod that fits very well on the pillar.Could have come from the factory imo.............just how i like it.



Options of green or white display.........or both if wire to headlights(cba tbh) just going for green to match dash and try and keep as oe as possible



So at weekend hopefully a pic of it in green :lol:


Then will look at a possible remap,now i will know the boost and keep an eye on it.......well after weekend anyway ;)



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Oil temp and pressure are advisable as well, especially if going for a remap :) i like those headunits seen them on eBay for a resonable price, however a friend had one and the screen packed up within a month and they are a nightmare to send back, keep me posted on how it is though.

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Cheers guys,the head unit is from Leeds so not too much bother if packs up. Its ok,not great,not excellent,just ok ,guess thats what £160 gets you.......


Reg other gauges,tbh i did that in the shogun(no boost though),volts is not needed as i will know when Battery is flat  :lol: and if alt not charging. Oil gauge again for me is n/a,if its fubar its fubar and a gauge telling me wont help me. Its just something to keep checking,wondering "should the oil pressure be............should it be that........." Thats me though  :lol:


Mapped ,wont be anything much,maybe 260-280 tops,if my oil gauge shows low pressure...............well its the least of my worries tbh. I admit they look  B)  but i dont want it too fussy,dials all round is not for me. If anything they become more of a distraction( for me anyway ;) ). Just my opinion and why i did not go for a double or triple pod ;)  It would certainly be boring if we all liked the same ;)  If i was to get another gauge(unlikely) it would be either a temp gauge(another distraction i can tell you) or an actual engine temp gauge in manifold. Again,trouble is,by time it alarms its too late............Not sure how accurate subaru water temp gauges are,i know as with any manufacturers ,they build in a set parameter(hence why always around middle) so customers dont panic at every hill with it going up. I found the mitsi from 60oC to 103oC was still in the middle.............


Tbh i nearly went for the double pod that fits on the steering column(gauge each side), but changed mind due to it making the dash a little fussy. I do like the triple mounts that fit where the clocks sit but have found with centre mounted gauges my eyes are further from the road when checking. Daft i know,but on previous motors thats what i found,In short i just wanted it as easy to read as possible and in eye line..............


I may change my mind later.............who knows :lol:  what i usually do :rolleyes:  :P


Cheers ven :)

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Cheers matt,once gauge plumbed in i might go for a cat replacement or down pipe(not sure which to get rid of). 


I quite like the burble i am getting from the cobra rear exhaust,loud but not too annoying..........if makes sense. Contemplate replacing the centre part prior to cat removal due to needing re-map soon after that........


Just dont want it too loud being honest,trying to keep the same burble as it is now. So maybe a resonated centre pipe from cobra,sticking with 2.5" diam all the way through.........


Just going to take my time,other wise i will burn it out and get bored knowing me :lol:

Getting rims re-furbed to a gunmetal over next month so that will make a difference,sticking with the standard 17s for now to try and keep it oe looking.


I have to admit i want an sti rear spoiler though,getting one is as easy as winning the lottery! Need an 08v ideally as getting one sprayed is a pita........but if needs must i will have to go that route. Just not keen on my ironing board spoiler :blink:


Must admit i am enjoying subaru life :)

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There's a company in leeds that does high level sti spoilers replica spoilers with led brake light £150 in primer I think

 Thanks for that stants,do you know the name? :)  i may have to go that way tbh as they are very hard to get or silly priced.......


Wonder how much for a spray,does the company do spraying? Be great if i could get it all sorted in one place.


Cheers ven

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Thanks again for your help,much appreciated,will look into it come time :)


Quick question for you guys in the know :)  Fitting the prosport gauge with stepper motor weekend,as in pics it is pillar mounted. What is the best way of getting the plug/cable through fire wall(few grommets to choose) but up to the corner as not much room between dash and column. I presume popping off column,is there a trick or is it like centre dash and pops off?


Thanks again

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Cheers,yes think same with newage,just pondering how i get it into the corner and through to pillar mount. Must be a gap in corner once pillar is removed.............well i hope :lol:  may have to make one :lol:



Cheers :)

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If you remove the lower panel to get better access at the footwell you can also wiggle the wires up the side of the top of the dash and push it back up towards the a pillar, with the gauge pod sitting a bit further out than the pillar it should sit behind it easily with no need to remove

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Well the xcraps is on its way back..........what a pile of *beep* Anyone considering an xtron,simply dont :lol:


Unit worked fine tbh,it was the gps,kept either switching off and on(cycling) or would load up 1 in 10 attempts,then crash. I tried another card and same so software glitch.........well just crap software getting to the point.How i kept my patience i dont know,so at 11pm last night(the ocd in me) the unit was whipped out and the JVC back in. Will be getting a refund and will look into a 1/2 decent unit. Gone are my days of spending 500 on a  stereo,so sub 300 but a 1/2 decent branded unit.


Gauge will be started later or tomorrow as a night mare busy time sorting studio,once done i will upload a few pics :)

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Hi guys,gauge fitted and something not quite right and presume pipe plumbing.


When ticking over a tad under vacuum so good,tested with another gauge and exact same,only showing boost when taking foot off pedal so obv its not right pipe :lol:









So what is the recommended pipe to plumb off please,is the re-circ pipe the best option. Under impression more accurate from manifold hence where it is now.


Thanks in advance and will sort tomorrow :)

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Thanks for the reply,i thought that was the same pipe i plumbed from,the pipe starts at the manifold.........


Turned pic right way to make a little easier,the pipe starts from manifold,not sure if there is another,may have to wait till morning for better light.


Would or have anyone plumbed from the re-circ at the inter cooler..............would that be another option.


Thanks again


edit- photobucket slow

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Sussed it thanks,i have wrong part of manifold to the far left. I have found the part,its a short pipe from further towards centre of manifold,comes out to a plastic filter type. Needs to be plumbed into there,i could have done it now but i need a section to connect back the other pipe thats T off.


I have enough spare pipe..............so 1/2 way there :lol:





Job for tomorrow now then once i source a plastic fitting. Will use the T piece i have into the correct pipe........


Cheers again,will follow up once done............if on right path :lol:

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Well i performed like edd china...............in the bloopers you never get to see :lol:


Right tried that pipe from manifold and cut in 1/2,of course the T piece is too big now and wont fit in the restricted area. But thats not it...........the pipes under came out for trying to turn it up wards..........oh no :rolleyes:  Removed the solenoid/switch there on bracket after 20 mins of struggling with sausage fingers  :lol:  Took away from car,fitted pipes,re-fitted then joined back up with new pipe. Run new pipe around bulk head now to the re-circ. This time no cutting,fitted T piece and added another piece for the "just in case" . Guess its took me around 1hr,40 mins of that was struggling with inaccessible pipes under manifold. I do not give in and nothing gets the better of me regardless of my mistakes,all be them amateur :P


What we have now is a working gauge...........well working correct i should say. Will get pics later but its got a lot less vacuum on tick over as it should,it boosts not under load to around 0.5 bar. I am yet to test on road as kids have been swinging off me the full duration...........does not help! In fact thats my excuse for my blunders :P

Plumbing is not best,all cable tied along neat at back,but left excess again for the "just in case" situation.Once happy and ran for a while i will let shorten and neaten up the last section with around 4" too much pipe(gently coiled without kinks). May even leave but my ocd will get the better of me :)

So all good in the end,will sort a pic or 3 out later :)

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Its working,fully tested :)


few pics to show where i went wrong


Trying to cut this pipe in centre = fail,even using longer pipe was not easy due to pipes coming out lower down

The small pipe is now replaced coming from manifold to plastic housing,this was an issue. Lower down there is a blue fitting the lower pipe came out of.....no probs.........except it branches off onto another. Not easy,so removed bracket to sort and replace pipe



Pipe plumbed through grommet and along fire wall





Not show standard..............i aint going to shows :lol:


Now fitted here,left the oe pipe and cut another so easy to replace in case of issues..........



As said spare pipe,will cut back later but its fine as is for now


This was before on tick over



This is now on tick over



On a run and test,i have had it at 0.75bar,so around 10.9 psi.............is that good,bad............or ugly???not sure standard boost. I have filter and zaust,no cat removal or re-map and it does pull well for ...........a "wrx" :lol:


Cheers all,like to follow up on my threads,be it good or bad.........or both as it started in this case ;)

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