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A couple of weeks ago, I had an immobilizer issue with my 1999 Forester (automatic), and it was stuck in 'Park' and couldn't be started. I called for someone to come and take it to the garage, and it was a rainy evening so I didn't stick around. I found the next day that they'd come with a flatbed truck, and when I asked how they got it out of Park, they said "Oh, we didn't... we had to drag it onto the truck".


Coincidence, or not but since then, the car seems skittish on corners (especially in the wet), and prone to wheel spin. The manual warns that putting the car on a two-wheel rolling road could damage the AWD system, so this made me wonder if dragging the car could do the same?





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also the AWD of the automatic is a TOD system (with a electro magnetic clutch between the front and the rear axle) and not the 50% - 50% diff as the manual AWD.


to see if that's (TOD) being damaged make tight circles dead slow and check for noise and vibrations.


TOD -> Torque On Demand (google / wikipedia is you friend)

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also in you owners manual you will find to how to disable the TOD system with a 10A fuse in the fuse box located in the engine compartment. you can use that to 'test' and if it makes a difference.


please bear in mind that it's NOT advisable to drive long distance with this fuse in place!

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this was my TOD (hack) mod when having a Sorento so i know a bit about how TOD works. i can (if i want to) mod the Forester TOD the same way what i might do one day  ;) the only different is that with the mod the Forester will be front wheel drive only in green LED mode while the Sorento is then rear wheel drive only.



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