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2nd Time Subaru Owner. Couldn't stay away.


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Hi all!

After owning a 1995 Legacy GX wagon for a few months last year, I was definitely bitten by the Subaru bug. However, it wasn't in the best condition and was becoming a bit of a money pit, so I sold it and had a cheap run around for a while in order to save up for something a bit nicer. 

So after cutting back on the Saturday nights out and running the cheaper car, I've finally scraped together enough to go and pick up a 1997 BG5 GTB on Sunday. I've got it at a really good price, despite it needing 4 new tyres, and really cant wait to pick it up. 


I'm already a member on the UKLegacy site (which seems to have crashed?) but I am interested in all Subarus and I look forward to seeing everyone else fanaticism with these cars as well as sharing my adventures with my own. 


I'll attach some pictures of my soon to be. 








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Hello mate welcome to S.O.C might recognise me from UKlegacey to [emoji106] well feel free to join in hrre too we're just as friendly like a bit of banter and car talk and also like anything subaru [emoji6] and hopefully be able to maybe see you on one of our joint club stands at some point [emoji3] [emoji106]

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I've got it at a real bargain price all things considered... I'll do another update on current mods and some more pictures when I've got it.

Seeing SOC still brings a slight smile to my face as it was the last part of my gx's number plate... I never made the connection at the time.

I'd love to join you on one of your stands! I'm a bit tucked out of the way here in Devon and have never actually seen another GT/GTB in person.

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