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Proud new owner of a blobeye WRX

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Morning all,

Thought I'd say hello on here. I tend to get involved on the forums whenever I buy a new car. I'm a big petrol head but I've had to make do with old cheap diesel hatchbacks for the last few years.

With a baby due next week I decided I needed a new car. I needed something practical, with a big boot for the pram, 4-doors, Isofix, safe handling etc.

I convinced myself that I needed an Impreza. It ticks all the boxes and a couple of the lads at work have recently bought Imprezas and like them. Not wanting to copy them, I looked for alternatives that had the same qualities at the same price. I couldn't find anything with the same breadth of abilities, performance and charisma.

So I bought this. It's a standard WRX SL with heated leather and sunroof, full history and reasonable mileage. Very nice looking car and I'm very pleased with it, bought for a good price. I wasn't looking for an SL but it was the best of all the the cars I looked at.

My fiancee was over the moon as you would imagine! :unsure: She's actually come round to the idea and likes the car.





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