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What does this mean??


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Driving up the motorway the other night I came across a red astra - I had been doing the use inside and middle lane as traffic was quite light - about 21:30 in evening, so was crossing the lanes as I needed to overtake.


As I came up behind this car I moved from the middle to outside lane behind him - he had been sat there for a bit.


we were doing comfortable motorway speeds so I had left a good 3 - 4 car gap behind him but then also noticed both the rear lights were out - the brake lights did work though.


We got past the cars in the middle lane and then eventually the astra pulled into the middle so I could get past - I was in a standard enterprise rental rep car black SRI insignia, nothing special.


Anyhow this is where it gets strange, as I pulled alongside he put his offside indicator back on, nothing in front of us so I dont know why that was done I assumed at the time it may have been caught as the lane was changed.


We were then approaching a wide load with convoy escort - I was back in middle lane ahead of the astra but slowed down to under 60 to pass the wide load in the middle lane. 


Matey in the Astra was back in outside lane but when I looked he was still indicating to the right side and he was turning his headlights on and off??


He then sat on my rear quarter offside for the next couple of miles - if I accelerated a bit he would match and if I slowed he would slow. In the end I wondered if it wasn't the Astra and I had picked up an unmarked car so I slowed right down and let him come past - it was the astra still so I thought ok let him pull in and I can over take - He pulled in about half a mile later and sat there a few car lengths in front.


I gave it a bit longer happy he wasn't going to leap for the outside lane again and indicated then over took and pulled away getting clear and moving into the middle lane, as I pulled along side the indicator came on again and as I pulled into the middle lane a good few cars clear he started turning the headlights on and off again - like the opposite of high beaming me. I thought initially I had fog lights on or left the indicators on but after a check I confirmed they were off.


So does this mean anything? Been driving a fair few years and seen many lorry drivers high beam you as you overtake them :P  but never seen anyone deliberately turn off their headlights on a motorway in the dark??



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Maybe he was just a !Removed!, I see random stuff all the time, people that get on my !Removed! are ones that are doing 20mph under the limit on well sighted A road who take offence at you passing them and start to flash you like they are protector of the highways..

I'll only flash some to day thanks or draw attention to something like the've left the filler cap hanging off etc

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