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I bought my third subaru so I guess I like subaru or something and thought I should say hi!!


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Hi all, my name is Tony and I'm a subaholic!

I come from the Cambridge area of EnglandLand.

My first subaru was a dog rough Forester GL in blue over grey



Then sold that and got this...


Had loads of fun with it.



Then It became this














Just last week I went and got this SVX











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The WRX is my track car now. Still work in progress having rollcage fitted soon. It is sitting on other wheels now Rota GTR-D's with arches.

I don't like the look of it!


Sitting on HSD coilovers

Oversized top mount intercooler

Straight pipe exhaust Custom

Stripped out interior

Rally micro heater for windscreen

Roll cage in progress

Caster correction kit

roll centre correction kit

Race 3 core rad

A/C? What do you think?  haha

Wheels Rota GTR-D

Tyres Kumho medium compound track tyres 285/35 18

And other bits I forget

Lots more to come...


The SVX is my restoration project of new.


I will be having it resprayed it's origional red and black.

Replacing the crappy auto for a 5 or 6 speed manual, budget depending.

Engine rebuild as there are many leaks





New all ali radiator

Custom coilovers

Replace other worn/broken bits and so on...

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Thank you guys for the worm welcome. I will keep you posted on further developments as I move forward with the SVX and Impreza.

I will be soon starting a thread on the svx as I get some progression.

Would be great to meet some of you guys at a show meet some time, maybe when the SVX is at a better standard.

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little update...

I stripped the SVX for parts and kept the engine and wiring harness for the impreza swap. I sold the impreza ej205 lump and acquired another eg33 svx engine and custom harness from a good chap in Cardiff.

Then, sold the bolt in cage to make way for full weld in. 

I plan to build a fully insane EG33TT 1000hp forged, sleeved, closed decked, ported, cam'd, stroked and polished. Yeah dream on!

In the mean time I will run the other N/A with some cams and porting etc.

Getting rid of the 5 speed box and going for 6 speed, r180 rear and late sti hubs.

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