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Best to finally say Hi


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Andy from Bolton,

Had my Subaru 2.0rsport a week today, and i must say what an amazing car, i love it


After finally giving my Renault Megane 1,6 its final warning about breaking down in places unknown to phone signal, I went on the look out for something with abit more power and reliability. i am sorry to say i never even gave Subaru a thought even though my brother has a Japanese import impreza that is 20 years old this year and still going strong, searching through car after car and thinking to myself this looks and feels just like the last car i looked at,


after alot of wasted time, finally had a look at Subaru and i fell in love with the hawkeye

booked a viewing and as soon as i sat in the car i couldn't stop smiling and driving it was so fun

full Subaru main dealer service history and a 12 month mot with no advisories i had to have it

interior is great aswell like new and has a fancy pioneer touch screen radio/satnav/dvd player 


got the bunny ear prodrive spoiler (that's what Google is saying its called, not me) and some nice prodrive wheels, the sticker got removed from the back window


a few minor paint touch ups which i will be seeing to within the next month, got a slight peeling to the rear bumper and looks like someone has lightly taken a key to the driver side rear door,nothing major, so if anyone has any good contacts in the Northwest for paint touch ups id be interesting to hear, as id be reluctant to leave it at an unknown garage


had a few nod of the heads from a couple of Subaru's i have bumped into around the Northwest on my travels this past week aswell which is always nice 


if i ask any daft questions(which is likely)   :angry:  <- this will give me a head up to take a strong hard look at myself :lol:


i am looking forward to many road trips in this car and hopefully bump into more Subaru owners on my travels 


few photos of the car are from the ad, need to take some of my own



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Wotcha and welcome - feel free to get stuck in - no such thing as a daft question however the thread you raise it in may take on a life of its own as we have been known to stray off topic on occasion :rolleyes:

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