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Real world result of re map?


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Hello all, 


I have a 2003 WRX Blobeye 2.0 turbo


it has a pipercross high flow panel air filter, a 2.5" straight through mid pipe and a ninja back box (also a dump valve) 


if i EcoTek Re-Map my car what kind of difference will I see? i understand people say it gives better MPG (does anyone know an estimate of how much) 


but what does it actually feel like? can you tell it's a lot faster? does it have any effect on 0-60? 


any advice please guys thanks :) 

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I'm getting around 50 miles exra was 100 now 150 out of 30 quids worth of vpower,

Now boost earlier and there's more of it, before it was making all its power at 4-5k now it's between 2.5-3.5k so a lot more usable performance, suppose it depends on what your looking for

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No mate, mines been mapped in Feb by racedynamix (dunc) of your down at Sheffield meet nick ash & myself have all been remapped by various people and I'm sure one of us will take you out, mines on a td04 whereas as &nick have vf's

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2004 blob 2.0 WRX. Uprated fuel pump, piper cross and a second hand prodrive back box. Mapped using the standard ECU. 272bhp :D


Best thing I like about the remap is the smooth power delivery.  I didn't notice an improvement in MPG...perhaps worse due to a more fun car to drive


Duncan (racedynamix) did mine too

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Does it feel much faster? And also do i need to update fuel Pump? some say it's not needed till over 300 others seem to say get it done. does it improve anything on the car apart from it not blowing up?

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!Removed! easy, fold down rear seat, may need to remove it in saloon, lift out carpet, locate hatch remove, three screws, lift of inspection hatch to reveal top of pump housing,

Remove fuel filler cap, turn ignition on and then unplug the electrical connector from top of tank, it will stall but don't worry that's the idea, 90% of pressure will be released.

Disconnect the two breather hoses on the left, shouldn't be any leakage,

Grab a load of rags and get ready, next undo the large fuel line with the white housing and there should be some residual fuel leak out.

Clean hatch if the excess petrol hasn't already done it for you

Undo the eight 8mm bolts and lift the lid out, you'll need to turn it through 90° to get the pump and sender unit out then catch the fuel coming out.

Take old pump out replace then do reverse of what you've just done, DON'T over tighten the tank nuts, if you shear one your !Removed!. Jsut hand tighten in a criss cross pattern then once your happy nip up a quatre turn plug all back in and turn ignition to the aux position and off again a couple of times to prime tank.

Have a look at savages build thread


or my pic thread for some pics


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