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Hi, I'm lee from wolvs area . thought i would join another forum for advice when I need it, member of uklegacy which is a great forum with sensible helpful people , I hope you lot are too,,

I drive a 20 year old legacy gt which I love , I'm currently gathering parts to convert it to single turbo in the hope of joining the 400 HP club, fingers crossed,,

I will start a thread and show you what's planed soon, I think you may like it,,,,

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Welcome, I'm also on the UkLegacy forum and can vouch for the fact that this bunch are just as helpful...

I think everyone would agree that the sensible can go out of the window a bit sometimes.

I personally look forward to see the single conversion :D

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Yeah Bob keeps springing up, I will be running ESL so an ESL guru would be the best option , also running water/meth injection so some one who has experience with that on ESL would be perfect,,

Wait and see its a good few months away yet

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