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Camber bolts query


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Quick question on the impreza camber bolts fitment.

I know the fronts are camber ones as standard, the rears non camber.

My question is I have 2 sets of these standard camber fronts, and so would they also fit the rear to give that the adjustability or are they different size compared to front?

Can't see what size the rears are as standard (non camber) anywhere and don't have them handy at present.

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I would say no as the holes for subaru original camber bolt are machined specific to work with it & keep bolt size.standard.

Only reason they stopped doing rear was cost I would assume.

nothing bodgy about using camber bolts on rear & certainly better setting camber right rather than ignoring it as no suitable adjustment . If go aftermarket camber bolts buy quality brand ones & fit correct inc torque & will be fine as rear is far less stressed than front anyway ...

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