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Hi , I am Neil , Bricklayer from Rochester Kent, and I am at the point in my life when I can own a scooby. I am not a proud owner yet but am busy looking. I would love a P1, but have not seen any in my area for sale, the ones that are for sale seem to get snapped up. So I have started looking at coupe import type R models , but to the unexperianced this seems to be a mine field ,, I am also struggling with insurance quotes as I would like to insure my chosen car in a classic/limited mileage group as I drive a transit most of the time, if any one can help with the differences of "type" r, ra etc . Thanks and all the best for this year ... Neil 

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Wotcha and welcome Neil, great cars the P1 and TypeR. Off top of head think the RA has 4 doors but I also believe there are mods like alloy bonnet to make it lighter, Im on tapatalk so cannot get the links to a Web site which details differences, it is in a couple of threads already if you search the impreza part of the forum.

Someone else will probably fill in the gaps but if not ill dig it out later

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Hi n welcome to soc ,nice choice of scoob the 2 door classic .

Basic Type r's are pretty much a 2 door version of the 4 classic saloon wrx sti with dccd (direct control center diff) allows you to adjust power from front to rear .

P1's are rarer due to the lower build numbers have a different interior rear spoiler longer uk gear ratios but no dccd .

Ra stands for race altered and subaru did 2 and 4 door versions of these which normally means it's a bit lighter .

I don't know what they did to 4 door Wrx ra's to change them tbh

Wrx sti ra's have a working roof scoop(not a Halfords stick on) manual window winders (saves the weight from the leccy motors) and some earlier ones have no side skirts (to save weight)

Type r ra's pretty much the same as the wrx sti ra's (albeit with only 2 doors)

There's a few special editions the like the 555 and some ra's didn't have the full lightening pack as far as I'm aware unless some owners have fitted side skirts and leccy windows .

They're is a link on here somewhere showing all models and spec but I can't seem to find it atm.

In the meantime feel free to search around on here , have a look at the buyers guide and post any links of possible cars you find and we'll do our best to advise you .

Best of luck with the hunt fella

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