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Ebay back box


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Hi all, I need a new back box for my "new" 04 XT 2.0 turbo forester, does anyone have any recommendations? As you can see from the picture it has a small hole in it...

Seen this on eBay, does anyone have any opinions?





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For the price you can't go wrong really it's bound to last a good few years, Mr b posted some links up for systems around the same price, he says he uses them and has had no problems,

If your planning on keeping the car maybe a ss system like tom says is the better option

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Thanks guys, yeah, I think a stainless job is on the cards, but I've got to get it through an mot next month. Think I'll take a punt on the eBay job, then once I'm happy the car is a keeper I'll go SS to complement my future tinkering.

I'll pop up a post when it arrives.


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Only thing I would suggest is:

1. contact them & get diameter of pipe as yours is XT the standard exhaust diameter is slightly larger & I expect this is standard NA size

2. Put in offer price of £32 at most really, you can get decent complete cat back (SG 2.0X) inc all bolts/springs/nuts/gaskets & mount rubbers for £50 (make offer) +£12 P&P http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Subaru-Forester-2-0-SG-92-KW-125-HP-2002-2008-Silencer-Exhaust-System-858-/400637858938?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item5d47e0947a

3.Powerflow would do nice to spec back box for probably £125 I would of thought.


I bought close to £800 of systems from premium-car as got even better prices that way plus having stock makes it easier pulling the work as can do job instantly if workshop free plus job price is highly competitive .

Done Justy system for £33 :o

Quality of premium-car systems is better than my local supplier SDL's budget systems & cheaper. I expect in average conditions/circumstances they would last  5 to 8+yrs ...

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