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What's your MPG ?


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Hello all, I am curious :0, what's your MPG?


I have a 2003 Blobeye impreza, with fully decat plus remap and a high flow panel air filter. 


I get between 25 Mpg (20 at my worst) driving short runs and having a bit of fun with it up to 33 Mpg on a long run with only a bit of fast accelerating.



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blob wrx running 330bhp, worst I've had is 12 mpg (god that was fun!!!) average is 21-22, on a long run I get 35-36 mpg


I can't grumble at all about the economy, not many other cars put a smile on your face and can get 35 mpg

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keep attempting to try a full tank without booting it at some point... never seem to make it passed more than 1/4 of the tank


the only time I manage to get 36 mpg is on a long motorway run. Traveling from Rotherham to Brighton on half a tank and Rotherham to Newquay on 3/4 a tank


don't think you could get 30 + mpg doing short/medium runs due to cold starts and sat in traffic

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