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Help Me Spend My Money!!


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I am really struggling to work out what to get my my car and I have a very long wish list which obviously my budget cant stretch to. I have £4600 budgeted to spend on the car in July but the parts I want are too expensive to get the lot.


List is:


  • Prodrive GT1 Wheels
  • Invidia N1 Street Exhaust
  • KSport/D2 8 Pot Kit
  • Rear Discs and Pads
  • Stage 3 Handling Kit
  • Carbon Spoiler
  • Carbon Splitter
  • Carbon bonnet scoop insert
  • Remap
  • Injen Decat


What would you guys do? I really want the wheels so thats a must but what else should I go for??

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Brakes as a starter, then decat, panel filter and map, followed by the handling mods, then the viusual stuff.



as least that what i'd do :)




p.s. i'd still go down the AP route myself ;) lol

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The handling kit comes with the BC coilovers and whiteline ARB's/bushes but at £1150 its the killer! I have a cosworth panel filter so its starting to breathe better. I could run a cheaper system (Hayward & Scott or Cobra) but they arent in the style I wanted.


With regards to brakes, K-Sports cant stock my requirements so its going to be D2 which is now killing this budget!!! GGRRRRR too hard to decide!

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Id decide if you want to aim for perfomance or handling first and aim mainly on one section


I personally would  go for handling as your car will seem so much quicker when set up correctly :) 


If you go performance your best bet would be to collect parts and then wait to you have what you want and fit and map at same time to save having to go back to remap with more parts a month down the line!


As i said though this is just my opinion :D



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If you get chance book a before and after track day :D but honestly mate you will notice a difference and if the garage set it up spot on that smile will be from ear to ear :D


I havent got the time for two but im going to Wales in june so I will punish the car on the B roads (within the UK law!) so i should be able to tell the difference after the work is done in July

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Hi do you have a WRX or STI?


I just had KSport 8pot 330mm brakes fitted 2 days ago and they are awesome coupled with the ferodo ds2500 pads.


Also got BC Racing coilovers with the pillowball topmounts and you will be amazed at the difference. 

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8 pots I believe. The 330's would be tight on the front and as they are same price i went for the 356mm front. Not sure what pads the garage are getting for me as the ones supplied by D2 are not great.

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