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Abstention is now over


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Its been a while since the we had to let our STI go but this weekend we put a deposit down on a replacement.


Looking to collect a 2.0 rx hatch automatic with 156bhp of snarling death under the hood this weekend :)


It has about 38k on the clock in dark grey metallic with alloys and rear parking sensors will be fitted before collection.


In answer to the question why go from a 330bhp manual to a 156bhp auto, well here is the plan...


The elderly inlaws have an 1988 auto Camry which is still going but will need quite a bit of money spent in the not too distant future, being the still very independant / proud pensioners they are actually helping them out takes a bit of cunning  - the idea is we get this motor for a short while then pass it on to them when we get something a bit tastier.


That being said it hasnt stopped me compiling quite a shopping list...


Stainless steel exhaust system (thanks GMI!! http://uk.subaruownersclub.com/forums/topic/14125-gminsites-wrx-hatch/#entry86741)

Wheel refurb

Continentals all round

PIAA wipers

Subaru boot liner

Subaru rear fender guard

LED lights

STI centre console (as it has a slide closure for the cup holders)

Mirror closure module and loom

Carbon splitter

S.O.C stickers and mudflaps to put them on...


trying to justify a strut brace - (again thanks GMI)

Also the dash only has a fuel guage tacho and rev counter no temp guage so was thinking about an STI / WRX pod conversion as I dont think guages down the a pillar will win the inlaws over


Will upload some photos as soon as we get it home :D



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Cheers matey...


No it will still be a hatch - missus doesnt like the saloons - but I cant complain I do like the hatch myself and when the classic project comes along she wont be that interested ;)

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OK here are some pics - it will need the wheels refurbed as one has been seriously curbed and is probably the reason the inside of the tyres are scrubbed so a x4 wheel alignment will be on the cards prior to replacing those.


Also found a 10 cd changer under the seat - a little brucie bonus the garage hadn't mentioned :P


It has sat nav, Bluetooth car kit, multi CD changer, HID lights, windscreen wiper deicer units, 17 inch rims and leather seats - I have to check but I believe these are all optional dealer upgrades.


Have already added a subaru boot liner and rear bumper guard as the pooch will now occupy the luggage space - a guard may be the next thing if she decides she is too good to ride coach :)







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Engine is covered in green stuff which dirt and dust has now firmly attached itself - cannot work out if it is coolant or not from a split pipe that has not been cleaned off but id does seem to be everwhere??


















some white gunk here but I think that is where grease from the Battery terminals has been jet washed?



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Airbox off already ! Dunno about the green stuff, looks a bit more waxy than coolant staining ?


Yup it was a case of - hmm are they HID's or not... well whilst Im here ill check the filter - ooh that comes off easily and all of a sudden there were 3 great big pieces of plastic sat on the drive :)


- I think it would look a lot tidier with a cone and some piping but I would have to sort the casing breathers into a proper bottle as they all seem to feed into a big plastic box where the turbo cars I/C would be.


Right Ill get stuck in with the jizer

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So will you be running down the strip at pod this year then Jay ? ☺


Hefty chortle :lol:  - the only way I would be anything other than entertaining would be at a break out event - that way I could get the several car lengths required to be competitive - on the plus side the in-laws have just seen it and it has been well received so given a bit of time and maybe letting them borrow it for a bit to get used to it there should be no issue when it comes to handing it over.


Much as it hasnt got the turbo, having been out in it a couple of times now you dont bother with the brakes - just get up to speed, sling it into corners and boot it, handling is softer than the STI but it still grips like s*** to a blanket :)

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Went to get a four wheel alignment check done as the tyres are scrubbed on the inside, had the car on the ramps and most looks good underneath - exhaust will need to be replaced not blowing at the moment but all very rusty and found oil on the nearside steering rack boot, had a feel and it doesn't appear to have been split but it will need further investigation to find out where it is coming from



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