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Guy finds mystery black bag in the door of his SUV


Guy finds mystery black bag  

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  1. 1. You've just bought a 2nd hand car and find bag of money. What would you do?

    • Leave the wife/husband and kids and go on a spending spree abroard.
    • Spend it all on car mods. For the Scoob of course.
    • Sell the car and buy a better one.
    • Treat the family.
    • Hand it in to the authority's.
    • Pay off some bills and see what's left.
    • Burn it it's dirty money. Along with the banana skin, I hate bananas.

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Power window was getting stuck.


So removed the door cards to fix the issue.


Oh hello, strange black package.




Now I know everyone wouldn't agree, but I'd do the right thing and spend it on Mods but what would you do. 

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Apart from the local drug lord/ biker gang or Mafia tracking you down, I'd Hand it in and when its not claimed you get it back. Nice and legal.

Surely they would just track the previous owners.  

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I agree spend the !Removed! lot :D 

I remember a guy who found 20k at the side of the road and handed it in I kid you not and someone came forward for it lol. Gave him 1k for doing it like but still I'd rather be the extra 19k better off   :lol: Thats a lot of car there :D 

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