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Forza 6 release date confirmed.

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There's a lot of good things coming from E3 for Xbox. Fallout 4 is bundled with fallout 3 for free. New rainbow 6 comes bundled with Vegas 1 and 2. New "early access" program with elite:dangerous and the long dark on it along with other titles coming such as dayz. It's been compared to steams early access program.

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I'm in same boat tidgy, couldn't justify rinsing 300+ notes on something I'll only really play two games on, if the price comes down before Christmas I'll invest

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Come on join the elite few that has to have a gaming pc and a console ;)


haha, already got xbox360 and ps3, just never got the newer ones lol


tbh im gonna wait for the next version of the one to come out, prob get it as a pack with forza 6

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The 1tb version don't blame ya really I have seen people upgrading the Xbox hard drives with better HDD and making them faster I might do it myself Soon probably lose my saves but both it 500GB is !Removed! :( 

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