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Well gents I've bit the bullet and ordered an FMIC from japspeed. I'm pretty handy with the spinners just wondering if there are any pit falls I should look out for. Does the bumper have to come off? Any advice is most welcome.

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Fitting a fmic is a bit of a pita

On my classic I had to remove




Wheel arch liners

Cut the bodywork to fit the turbo to core pipework and trim some metal from under the headlights

Dremmel the lower grill out of the bumper and trim some of the back of the bumper .

It's best done just before a remap and driven off boost until the fmic has been mapped in

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Just a thought and have no idea if it would work. Could the fmic be installed but leave out the top parts of pipework until remap? That way you can still run with the tmic. For the impatient for fitting amongst us [emoji15]

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Great idea to keep the final connections till the very last minute with regards to the map being tweaked to accommodate the FMIC. I've not had the time to start the job yet but will get round to it this week hopefully. Thanks for all the advice.

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