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Advice when going back to a car garage


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We bought our 52 plate wrx about 6 weeks ago. Since then we have had smoke / steam coming from the bonnet when stopping at lights.


We took our car to scooby clinic and they said that it would cost around £1200 to fix.


The things they mentioned were:


rocker cover gaskets have been poorly done and are leaking

all 4 cam seals are leaking

turbo oil feed and return line is leaking

turbo water return is leaking

radiator is leaking

coolant hoses are leaking but we have bought a new set for £100 as we wanted these green anyway


and the rear crank seal would need replacing which they priced at £450 due to requiring a lot of labour


We have been messaging the garage since thursday with no replies. I spoke to them today and they basically said that they don't usually cover the seals etc with it being an old car.


After mentioning that it wasn't fit for purpose and that I have to top the coolant and oil up every morning basically they said that we would need to bring the car in for them to have a look at it.


Their mechanic is only mon - fri which means taking a day off work as it is an hour away.


I was just looking for advice on things to mention or do to help my case, We have bought the coolant hoses and could fit the rocker cover gaskets ourselves if needed. I just don't see why I should have to pay that much after having a car for a month.  The car has 94k miles and I paid £3100 with a warranty that doesn't really cover anything (they said in person it would cover head gaskets etc but it doesn't)


Thanks in Advance

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Start with its not as described, and the faults were not pointed out at the time of purchase therefore you are protected under the sale of goods act. Just found this to get you started


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I would also point out you have taken it to a Subaru specialist And Subaru clinic has a reputable name in the industry, not sure they will want to get involved mind but a bit of names dropping won't hurt to the garage you bought it from and point out they have said this is the problem. if they refuse to sort it after 


Now I know we had a post about Tony Hough I don't have his details but I've taken note and he does seem to have some good feedback for being cheap and doing a good job. so i can source that for you in Rotherham. I would recommend Martin every day of the week but I am a fan of the underdog and martin has never let me down, so I'd also recommend him. Unless you want Clinc to sort it that is your choice I have nothing against them personally. But least you have alternative options if the garage you bought it from refuse to sort the issue. You might need to pay for the repair then court to get cash back.


I'd only worry though if it was what the garage said it was in part x sold as seen. In other words it was quickly looked at an taken in  nothing done to it and sold on as quick as they took it in. I'd also message Alex he has an ongoing battle with a garage for his car. :)

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Rotherham Scoobies nearly killed my car twice and have destroyed at least 3 of my mates cars, including using silicone instead of new gaskets. he has even killed his own car FFS


Martin at sheffield subaru service is spot on, does a good job and won't rip you off.

the clinic are great too, not the cheapest, but they are one of the best tuners in the UK

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Get a full written estimate of the work required, and projected costs, so you have a full picture of possible loss. Write to seller, rejecting the car, and asking for full refund of price paid, as not economical to repair, and they can have the car back (when you have the money). Draft letter can be got from Citizen's Advice.

If seller ignores your letter, and will not do anything, you may well have to get car repaired, and then sue, in small claims court, for repair cost.

If you paid for car with credit card or hire purchase, even if only the deposit, then you can contact the card provider, as they are equally liable (always pays to use a credit card, for that reason).

The civil law is quite clear on these matters, but getting that law enforced is down to you, I am afraid. If there was any description, in the advert or elsewhere, that indicated the car was "good", then you should get in touch with Trading Standards, as a criminal offence may have been committed.

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Kinda of an easy one and I have just gone though this myself with a full engine rebuild paid for by the dealer. In my case subaru.


Tell the dealer about the problems and that you need it fixing they have to fix the car, replace it or give you your money back if the fault was in the first 6 months since selling the car and you where not made away of the faults at the time of sale. The key words to use are "Not fit for purpose" 


If they refuse to do one of the top 3 you can get the car fixed yourself by another garage and charge the dealer for the fix.


If you have to go to court you should win without problems.


You can get a lot of info from citizens advice as well https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/cars-and-other-vehicles/problems-with-the-car-you-bought/the-car-you-bought-is-faulty/

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Is it Rotherham scoobies you got it from ?

Say you want to return the car for a full refund due to it not being fit for purpose ! Certain warranties are crap and just a sales tool

Have you got the clinic report in writing ?

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Thank you to everyone who has replied it is a massive help and we are getting it shorted very shortly!

And no Matt we got it from a car garage in Leicester x


Was it Unity Subaru in Leicester? Thats where mine came from with the problems....

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no it was braunstone crossroads  www.my-bcm.co.uk. off down tuesday to see what they say but we'd rather have it repaired as we don't want to lose it and it's just the crank seal and gaskets that raise the price but doing the rocker gaskets yourself doesn't look too difficult.


yep we are going to mention that it isn't fit for purpose and that the faults weren't mentioned. They said in person that they serviced it and the mot was done a week or two before with no advisory, I would have though they would have spotted / mentioned the oil leak.


thanks again everyone :) 


do you think it would be worth contacting subaru sheffield and asking how much they would charge for everything doing ? just thinking if it is a bit lower they might be more inclined to fix it ?

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