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Diesel Blow Off Valve?


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Hi All,


I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction as I'm struggling to find a blow off valve that will fit a Impreza RC 2.0l Diesel. My Car is 2009 and the Hatchback Model. I've spoken to a few places such as UK based Demon Tweeks and they cannot seem to help.


My questions are;


Is it possible to fit a blow off valve on this type of car? And if so where could I find one?


Thank you for your time in reading this, any help would be appreciated.



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Although it may be possible, it's not necessary. I can't remember the exact reasoning but it's something to do with diesels not having a throttle plate there's not actually any air getting trapped and forced back through the turbo. Ultimately they can just hinder the performance.

Personally, I don't know much about diesel engines in general, but I assume the turbo system is pretty similar? Subaru tend to like to put recirculating valves on their cars and my GTB can't have a blow off valve put on it because it throws out the air flow readings and makes the car run like crap.

All that being said, if you just want the sound, there's a guy locally who has a turbo diesel fiesta with a BOV on it so it must be possible- I don't imagine he did much more than just buy a standard one and put it in in the same way you would on a petrol.

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Thank you for your help so far, If its not required on Diesels then I will leave it off, I just thought it might help as I'm more used to petrol cars. I've attached a photo, if you guys need a more close up view I will take some when I get out of work.


Thank you for the welcome and responses!




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The guy I mentioned with his fiesta tried telling a friend of mine that it was running about 400bhp [emoji38]

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Does he? What version of forza lol

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