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newbie needs help buy first impreza


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i m looking at buy my first impreza (always been a nissan guy) and my problem is i looking at buy and sti and befor i go head i buy the one i ve seem. Wonted to make sure it was an sti.

Now after google it to death 3 out of 6 webs site's say it not an sti the othere 3 it is . So i give up and asking you guys


Engine: Ej20gdw5pe Body code gf8c58d


thanks in advance


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I can't get decent wifi where I am atm so can't cross reference the model codes (which are the best way to tell if its a proppa sti) but looking at the pics it looks like a sti due to the following

Silver tmic (rare to find a second hand one worth fitting )

Red inlet manifold (the oe ones always have flaky paint)

"Tuned by sti" aux belt cover

Of course all these bits can be fitted afterwards by a previous owners but it does also look like it has the tmic water spray bottle (bottom left in the bay pic) this is normally not fitted by anybody but subaru probably due to the wiring to the spray pump and switch inside beeing a bit of a pain to fit .

If the rear inner and outer arches are clean and it doesn't knock when cold or smoke I'd say it was worth a punt Imo

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