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Thanks for your usefull epic reply nice to be welcomed as a new member. I was passed this sites information via Banbury wrx prodrive who said i would have a chance to find some one that may be intrested in the car or would be able to  help without your normal idiot. So i thought i would copy them in to the helpfull response. Otherwise i would like any help or advise on placing an add to sell the car due to ill health.

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Hi tom. Don't worry about Matt he has a strange nack of coming across wrong [emoji6] so I'll apologise for that. I'm sure if you check the forum we are a friendly bunch really including Matt.

Sorry to hear about the Ill health forcing the sale too. [emoji17] hope it's nothing serious. But if you can post a bit more info about the car and even a price it would help in the sale [emoji106]

Sorry again mate.

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No worries :) 


And mate of mine had to sell his track toy for something similar :( His is is pelvis and lower back. But he's bought another scoob to replace it thats easier to get in and out.  :D

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Take a gander at some of the other sales threads for examples of how to showcase your motor - it is your pride and joy after all :)  - use something liek photo bucket to get lots of `Hi res images uploaded then just post the links

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Ok new add for my car


For sale Subaru wrx awd 2ltr 320 bhp. Full prodrive spec 142000 miles.

For sale due to running low on oil causing big end knock. Lowered with Tien suspension all round, Big bore stainless steel exhaust from turbo to rear of car. Tyres good to fair, other faults no mot, bonnet scoop paint peeling and alloys need a bit of tlc. £2500 ono.

email pthompson@gah.co.uk








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