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2nd gear wheel spin

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Hi guys I've had a 2011 subaru impreza wrx sti saloon for a couple of weeks now and when I put the foot down and change from first to second gear the wheel spin and I have to throttle off, let the revs drop a bit then put my foot down again. The car is standard, should I not be able to go through all the gears at high revs without wheel spin? Does anyone have the same problem or a solution? Thanks in advance

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Should be loads of grip in these cars the only way mine starts to lose traction in second is if I'm booting it off a roundabout with. If it is spinning up in a straight line it would eventually find its grip anyway without having to come off the throttle so I'm with ghost on this one and think it could be clutch unless there is a tyre problem.

check your pressures and tyre condition first and also make sure it's a decent brand tyre as you don't want any old budget crap on these and let us know how you get on

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