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Couldn't get turbo to boost on remap

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Hi new to forum did a quick search **** findex owt so thort I'd ask. I recently had my 2008 wrx hatch remapped and the mapper told me he cudnt get the turbo to boost he sed he wanted 1.7 but only got 1.2 so not as much power as I wud av liked he told me it's cos it's on fully synthetic n I shud use semi synthetic oil seems strange to me tho any ideas? Also car has turbo back exhaust n piper cross panel filter

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Agree with ghost, that's a weird thing to be saying, the only thing the oil does is cool & lubricate it, has should have no effect on what it spins at, they rotate at 100,000 rpm plus so a different oil shouldn't make a blind bit of difference, I've been told fully synth is slightly less viscose than semi so in theory according to your chap it should work better ?

What kind of power are you after ? A 3 port boost solinoid would help control the boost better,did he give any indication of it was holding ok or bleeding off stx

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No refund possible gunna go cobb v3 I reckon but gunna look up how it works with remap already done mite av to get a reset for money spent on it its equal the my brothers 3 mps or mazdaspeed 3 depending where ya from

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