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Tyre Size on classic - Winter options


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Looking to put my old wheels on for winter with some winter tyres. My car is MY99 classic that is running 215 40 17 on OZ's but I think the original OEM 16" wheels run 205 50 16 but looks like a some good offers on 205 55 16 and wanted to check if these would be suitable. Thanks

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If you can get the total wheel/tyre diameter and circumference the same as what it currently is then the Speedo will remain the same.

From what I can remember there are a couple of websites that offer a calculation to sort it without too much brain ache.

The difference between 205/50 and 205/55 is 10.25mm. If the speedo reads 30mph the 205/55 would be going 31.01mph and at 70mph you'd be doing 72.34mph. Not enough to get in trouble but certainly something to consider.

Hope this helps [emoji4]

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The 16" wheels and 4pot brakes are all the originals so no problem with clearance. Speedo changes sound fine as will only be on the car for a few weeks when snow or really cold. Soon as the weather allows the OZ's will be back on.


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