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Hi All! First Impreza


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Hi guys and girls,


Just thought I'd post as i've just bought my first Impreza and i'm really pleased with it, it's an 05 Blobeye WRX in WR1 blue, with excellent history and is completely unmodified (even down to the factory tape player :D ), having viewed it at the weekend I couldn't find a thing wrong with it and is one of the cleanest cars i've seen. So here's some pics of it




I also had a very rare 98 6 spd Toyota Supra before that was very clean



I also work as part time detailer and have done a few very nice cars including a couple of M600's for Noble Motorsport at their factory :) (i hope i'm not breaking any rules)



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Thanks guys i really appreciate it got it for a good price too, 2 owners from new and 10 Subaru stamps so it's a well looked after example :) Nothing major planned for it mods wise as it will remain my daily driver, simple things like sports cat, exhaust, panel filter, remap and then maybe the STI styling with the Pro Drive GT1 alloys which I think will look great against the colour.

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Hello &welcome, I like the nothing major bit only new exhaust map etc ☺

We all know that's how it starts, and it's a very steep and slippery slope from there on [emoji38]

Haha i know i know, but in a way that's one benefit of the WRX as the gearbox/engine kind of limit what I can do without the need for big work which will stop the car becoming a project hehe

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Welcome to the club Dan. that is one Damn clean car . Mods relatef If you want to add mods I would start with a front and rear top mount strut bars, it improves handling and it's dirt cheap to add.




Thanks Steve, yeah i've heard that replacing the ARB's (especially the rear) with whiteline makes a massive difference too and dials out some of the factory understeer :) ? This is the sort of look I have in my head that I'd like to achieve which should just keep it nice and clean, but as I say with the Pro Drive GT1 wheels instead


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