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New here - Watford


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Morning all;

just thought I'd pop in and say hello;


Car is a 2003 fully rally stickerd up blue WRX STi - you can't miss it ! (or not hear it...)

Usually driven by my better half, Rachel


111K miles;

pretty trouble free (only thing thats ever failed is the battery)


Past couple of services have been DIY, and I'm about to embark on a cam belt change myself this week - no stranger to getting my hands dirty.


off to ECP now to get some service parts.

wish me luck



(if you are wondering about the user name, my other car is a 991 GT3CS in white)

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Welcome along! Quick tip- pay the extra for a genuine Subaru belt, otherwise they're a real pain, speaking from experience, most others tend to be half a tooth or more out which causes all sorts of headaches.

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well Cam belt all done

and full fluid service.

Was pretty straightforward TBH - nice to be able not to rush either...

only small problem was a sheared bolt on the radiator mount. Bugger to drill out too !

Car's running sweet now :)

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