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What to do with stoppers

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Ok so I'm well on the way to collecting parts for my blobeye wagon build. I'm heading for 350bhp at the moment until I can get a forged block sorted. The only part I can't decide on is what brakes to run. I want somthing that's going to stop the car really well with the added power but I don't want any squeeling. Soooo many different opinions on pads, discs and calipers. What do you guys recommend as its the only part of the build I can't make my mind up on.

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Unfortunately new rotas ,bells and pads for most big break kits will cost over £400 new ,so even if you picked a second hand set of calipers up you'd be very close to your budget

I'm currently running brembos on my 330hp classic , with godspeed discs and red stuff pads .which work great when hot but I will be changing the pads to something more suitable for fast road as they haven't got enough "bite " when cold 😉.

If you decide to go Brembo ,Give Alyn @ as performance a bell or message him on social media (cos his website is a bit button moon) .

he'll point you in the right direction once he knows your budget for discs n pads .

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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Think your current 4 pots run 293 discs, you can buy conversion brackets that bring you up to Brembo sized 328 dia ( which I'd imagine would make a difference)

although brembos are 4 pots they're ally (lighter and don't often seize) ,have bigger pistons and have a bigger contact surface area on the face of the pads .


I noticed the difference but I've got a 22yr old sti without abs (it's a bit primitive lol )

Maybe one of the newage boys has done the conversion and would know if they'd be a noticeable difference on yours

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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When you put them side by side like that it's easy to see the extra breaking your going to get from brembos might have to keep a look out for a second hand set but like you say that's going to be too end of my budget but I guess you can't put a price on safety 

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I was lucky as somebody I knew was upgrading to 8 pots .

I paid £350 for the refurbed brembos ,nearly new godspeed discs/redstuff pads and k sport braided lines


The main thing to watch out for is the mounting threads and bleed nipples, cos being ally bodies the threads can get damaged if they're not torqued down properly.

Ask about with some of reputable breakers (matty b or Scott at scooby spares ect ) you should be able to get good condition calipers discs and pads for £500 ish .

Speak to someone with them on a 350hp newage and check your rims will fit over them


Cos my 17" et43 rota boosts only fit with 3mm spacers [emoji57]

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