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32 minutes ago, Gregolasos said:

Mmmm turbo whhoooosh not long had my scoob and loving it, forgot how much I miss a good turbo, 

once you go turbo you don't go back haha

Very true! I went without a Japanese turbo for far too long!  I do love listening to my primary with the windows down. 

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I agree! And tunnels and car parks 😍

My Impreza is definately the best turbo car I've had, had a seat Leon cupra r with a stage 1 remap that was quick but didnt put a smile on my face like this does, and my bmw 320d m sport was near impossible to hear but was a very comfy generally solid all round car 

much more possibilities with a scooby too! 😁

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The WRX is a great car, so much more efficient than my old EVO IV and my mates EVO V. 


35mpg v's 23mpg and my 240bhp WRX killed my 280bhp EVO and when I got it to around 285bhp my mates 380bhp EVO 5 couldn't live with it. I'd love to know accurate transmission losses for the WRX, STI and EVO as there's definitely a difference between the 3. 

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