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classic sti brakes?


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my '98 v4 sti need new front brakes as theres a hell of a wobble when braking from speed, although the pads look like nearly new, im assuming the guy before me didnt bed them in properly so looking to just change the discs? or would it still be advisable to do the pads too?

also i'm really struggling to find a reasonably priced set, i'm not really looking to upgrade them at the mo so just want standard discs unless there are sets available that are not much dearer.

only ones i can find are the black diamond ones on scoobyworld 

and these if they're the right size?


but with the price unsure if they're actually any good?

sorry could do with as much info as possible, never had a car that has so many variations and upgrade options haha all seems a bit of a minefield!


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2 hours ago, Scoobyghost said:


If the disc are warped then you would need to change the pads too. With warped disc there's usually a sticky caliper to blame so could be worth having them checked and possibly refurbed before warping another set of discs.

Cheers buddy! Do the pads get battered a bit too much from the uneven discs then?

also what's the size of the standard discs on an STI?

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Blue'ing of the discs or uneven pad wear is normally a sign a piston is stuck .

You should be able to push the pistons in a bit by hand and make sure all the anti rattle pads and pins are clean (to allow the pads to move freely )

Try ringing alyn at as performance or Ian at godspeed for a quote and check the disc size with them but I think it's 293mm for the 4 pots

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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