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Idle control valve gasket help


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Hi Guys,

My 1997 Impreza turbo is having a little problem, so when the car is warm and I pull up to traffic light ect the revs go really low and today it cut out.  I've been reading a lot about cleaning the idle control valve but on the forums it's states to have a replacement gasket.  I can't find one anywhere? I found loads for the 2001 model but not the classic.  Can anyone help me out. 

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It's on my never ending list to do, if you take it all apart there's a diaphragm inside which would be better off being replaced instead of re used,

And What ever you do don't unscrew the two Philips heads on top of the sensor without marking them 1st at least, if that goes out of alignment you'll be Tring to reset the idle forever

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