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Hi people


I'm Gareth from Medway, Kent.


Thought I'd join up as looking at getting a MY16 Wrx Sti. 


Grown up watching subarus on the wrc stages on tv as my dad used to always watch the rallying as I've got older realised that were my love of cars come from. To disgust most of this forum my first love was for evos. 


One question ion can't see any mention of it on the spec or options list but can you get a rear view reverse camera for them other then for the uprated nav unit

Due to talk one for a test drive on Wednesday


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Hey and welcome to SOC, 

yeah there nice toys sorry I mean family cars to have!!! Lol 

a good friend of mine has this model in Black looks really nice and performance is really good too, very comfy and ALOT of gadgets and gizmos inside like a full on cockpit :happy: it's a good stealth car/model as it isn't loud or Subaru noisey at all, which for a family car it will be perfect, my mate did upgrade to a new exhaust system to make it a bit louder it helped but still quiet unless it's opened up 100% between the gears.


show us the pics when the deed has been done

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Finally test drove one took it easy thow normally don't have mechanical sypothy for demos but as the car wasn't a demo and the car I will be now collecting on Saturday thought I better take it easy. I haven't stopped grinning since testing it.

All I can say is roll on Saturday morning and it's going to be a long week 

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Picked her up yesterday after 6 hours of doing paint protection and treating the interior thought id take her out. What an animal face hurting from grinning so much. 


Took ot to cruise last night and don't think one person just walked straight past her. On way their had some bad luck thow meet with a gritting lorry that wanted to turn right and had to stop at a red light were to go straight on was green no option but to pass it. 50 miles on clock and nice deep chip on bonnet :(


i I know I was mumbling to myself this is staying standard but think I'm just going to add an exhaust as she to quiet but I know to myself this is were it all starts lol 

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Took it to wheel refers company open day today parked up and a white 65 plate on pulled in.


Then a professional photograph came asked up is we mind moving to the bottom of the estate that was empty so he could do a mini shoot of them both together.

Will upload pics when he emails me them :)





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Opps no mods lasted long.


Took a trip down to see sparky this evening and he fitted front splitter I brought off him. Next on list is mud flaps and axle back exhaust then that it. 😗


We we all heard that before thow haven't we. Will start a thread tomorrow of pics of the car

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