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Swap ECu in GT 98 to 340hp


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Can you please help me in this...

Im from Portugal, and I have a subaru Impreza gt from 98.

I want to bring my car to up 340 hp, at least... after changing the ecu, by the one in the link below and remap, what are the most reliable configurations that you can recomend me...???



Best regards...

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If it's a late 98 it might have yellow 440 cc injectors (good for 340hp) if it's got grey 380's they're only good for 290hp ish .

But otherwise as tidgy said plus either a tmic upgrade or fmic to keep the charge temps down in your slightly warmer climate

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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I'm sorry, but i dont understand the term:

"tmic upgrade or fmic..."

Besides change the Ecu and remap, i need:

- turbo vf 43?? (To get the best spool, do you recomend one better?)

- bigger injector 400cc

- albro fuel pump

- improve intake system


Do you now if i can buy the Ecu already remap??



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Top mount intercooler (tmic) front mount intercooler (fmic)

As the UK or gt tmic isn't very efficient over 330hp.

If your current injectors are yellow in colour they'll be 440cc which are good for 340hp .

There's a wide range of turbo's to choose from pending on budget

You can ask esl to put a base map onto the ecu but you will only get the most out of your mods if you have it live mapped whilst it's in your car

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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