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My '05 STI Widetrack


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Thought id register up on here after lurking for quite a bit. Ive had the car a couple of months now after getting bored of throwing money at my last supercharged Corolla Compressor for the last 3 years. Always loved the blob eye scoobs and was in a position to by one so thought why not!


ill transfer my build thread from the corolla forum so this is update from when i got it to now. 

When i got it




Its a 2005 impreza TYPE UK STI DCCD Widetrack. Finding a low milage one with the DCCD gearbox proved difficult but this cars on 60k and has a massive service file mostly with TDR.


So the spec of it as i collected it stands at;




- Late 2005 spec 2.0 engine with the stronger bottom end and AVC heads with PPP pack from new

- Haywood and Scott 3" downpipe and straight through exhaust

- Haywood and Scott turbo feed pipe

- 550cc injectors

- 3 port ECU boost control 

- Walbro 225 fuel pump

- K&N Typhoon induction kit

- NGK PF7RB plugs

- Excedy stage 2 clutch

- Mapped by Mark @ Thwaites developements running 344bhp and 328ft 




Suspension and Chassis,


- BC Racing BR coilovers

- CDF 22mm front anti roll bar

- CDF 24mm rear anti roll bar

- CDF Polly bush kit through out

- CDF Anti roll bar links

- CDF Anti lift kit

- STI braces front and rear

- Godspeed grooved discs front and rear

- EBC Blue pads

- castrol SRD Dot5.1 fluid

- Prodrive PFF7 18" alloys powder coated in black




- Prodrive front splitter in satin black

- Xenon headlights

- Headlights detangoed and black inserts

- Carbon fibre upper spoiler

- Hella super tone horns

- Tinted windows

- Rear Tow hook

- Pink STI badges and all decals removed




- OMP WRC swade steering wheel

- OMP Boss kit

- Pioneer Double din head unit

- Full audiobahn door speakers/tweeters/amps

- ProSport boost gauge

- ProSport oil temp gauge

- ProSport oil pressure gauge

- Blackjack anti jack system

- RAC 24hr Tracker




Its just had a massive service where it has all engine, gearbox and diff oils replaced along with the clutch and timing belt with a big bill @ TDR. Massive serive history - the folders massive with loads of stamps/invoices.










And with a few local mates 




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Booked it in for a service not long after, its only covered 4k since its last one but i wanted some fresh stuff in it for piece of mind. So it was treated to some fuchs race pro s 10w50 (nearly cried at the price 😂) and a genuine JDM black subaru filter.
With my mates bugeye (who works there too)
First mod ive done is fitted a Tsport weighted gearnob as i was struggling to shift fast with the stock one (new badge will be bought)
And a 55w 6k HID kit and some 100w yellow HODs
Cars damn thirsty so dont really plan on any more power upgrades unless it becomes a second car. The DCCD is a trick big of kit
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Got some little things done

New sticker for the weighted gearnob 

Refurbed all the dash switches as most of the bulbs were out. Also replaced the blackjaxs buttons so anti hijack could be turned back on.

Gave it a full detail, its such a clean car a real credit to its previous owners.

Since removed the rear tow hook as i really didnt like it.

Then some local low life decided they wanted the front splitter and promptly bust it trying to get it off. Honestly cant see what they achieved doing this... 😡

New plastic HTAuto replacements been ordered (rather than the prodrive fibreglass one) should be here in the next couple days.

Few other lil bits planned but well see. Its a very complete car as it is, just needs some little personal touches now.

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Hmmm where to start..

Alots changed since the above pictures. 

Car went in to have the front and rear bumpers painted as they had done the typical jap car fade. 

Then bought a full car splitter kit as a replacement for the front splitter

Front fitted fine with some slight alterations

Red horns/pink subaru badge had to go.

Rears went on no issues

Sides were a complete different story. I had to cut them up and reprofile them quite a bit to get them fitting right.

Used countersank bolts

Covered the heads with sticky felt pads to stop them coming in contact with the sills.

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Just getts on and off the drive (backwards 😂)

So it looked like this

Then ordered a rear diffuser. Now these arent ment to fit with the rear spats but if im honest it didnt fit for !Removed! in the fist place but nothing a couple hours with a dremel couldnt sort. So i chopped it up even further to keep the spats.

And some up to date photos

I am REALLY enjoying owning this car, body wise its complete now, i suspect ill get a little bit bored of the power and probably start looking at running water meth injection like my last corolla. Just need to price up a suitable aftermarket ECU and build up my own harness for it

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Cheers mate, im really happy with how its turned out now.


If im honest the kit not fitting correctly is half the fun. It allows me to fettle with it to get it fitting perfect which i enjoy. Plus it gives me a few hours away from the mrs hidden away in the garage 😂

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Cheers :)


Had the low life looked, the original splitter was only held on with 4 wing nuts so didnt even require any tools to get it off in one piece... So i think the new one held on with 14 oem bolts should hopefully prevail over their mechanic skills! The dremel is my most utlised tool in my tool box 😁


Ive got santa pod RWYB booked for the 20th of march and i shall be out on track with it @ japfest on the 24th of april. I suspect i shall need some new rubber and will do the full fluids again after these days before any further mods take place.


Thinking about picking up another AEM-EMS4 to get this car on my own map/stand alone ECU. Ive got the plugs to build a harness now but i dont have a full ECU pin out/diagram. Does anyone have one to share for me? 


I know the DCCD gearbox ECU requires certain feeds to operate but im not 100% sure what it requires to see as i cant find a full diagram. As soon as i have this i can drop any ecu i want into this car 😁

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On 18 March 2016 at 0:17 PM, confusedbrog said:

Fantastic car. You've got yourself a belter there :biggrin:

Cheers mate 👍🏻


I recently "JDM" the rear lights, which involved modifying the rear passanger housing to accept a bulb holder and adding in two different sockets. Love these little projects 😄


Thats sidelights, there twin filliment bulbs so when i brake they go to 21w light. Fogs have been put into the old sidelight holders.



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Wow. I really have forgotten to update this!
So i replaced the clutch, even though it had only covered 7k miles the previous owner decided not to have the fly wheel skimmed so not long after i bought it it was starting to judder.
Went for a RTS lightweight flywheel and exedy clutch combo. This has been fantastic, not overly light but light enough and holds the power great. The flywheel has made it feel a lot more responsive between 2-7k getting on the power
The flywheel is a work of art 😍 
Had the drivers indicator randomly stay on perminately when the car was unlocked/locked with the fob. Quick press of the button and itd go off. Wouldnt do it for weeks but then it started doing it everytime and i couldnt get it to turn off.
Bit of a nightmare, had to strip down the whole dash to try and find what was wrong. 
It wasnt the indicator relay, it wasnt the hazard switch and all the wiring was perfect as youd expect on a low milage car like this. I soon diagnosed it as the OEM alarm modual indicator relay going faulty. Why it uses a seperate one i dont know.
Anyway these are specialist relays as they open two curcuits. The company that makes them has been bought out a few years ago and no longer produces them. I didnt even bother ringing subaru for a price as with my recent dealings with them they are a utter UTTER rip off merchant.
After doing a bit of research i found that legacys use the same alarm modual however one of the relays (of the three) is unused meaning theres effectively a BRAND NEW relay just sat in them to be used. £30 later i picked one up off eBay and removed the unused relay - and installed it onto my PCB board. Luckily ive all the tools to do this 😁
Noticed that i had an issue with the steering going stiff. Checked the belt and it was erm a little destroyed - i guess when they did the timing belt last year they didnt tighten it up enough. 
I also found that the steering UJ next to the turbo was slightly siezed, so that was taken off and thougherly cleaned out and greased up.
That was the steering sorted, next i wanted some road legal track day tyres so opted for some Federal RS-R's
Got the car full geo'd on a hunters system for full camber/caster/toe
Painted the sidewalls and replaced the centre caps as they had gone tatty
The car now really grips but im finding even with the BCs set to their firmest setting the suspensions still to soft. Ive ordered some stiffer BC springs to combat this.
Gave the engine bay a proper clean as it had gotten grubby over the winter
Things got serious with a full K-Sport 8 pot brake conversion, i just felt the brembos couldnt handle 4-5 hard stops without completely fading. By the time i bought decent discs and pads for the brembos i was over 1/2 the price off these. 
Opted for yellow with the extra dust seals and some DS2500 pads.
Much better 👌🏻
I was starting to see the oil getting a little warm over this hot spell weve been having, so decided to fit a mocal oil cooler kit with a 80C stat.
Really getting good welds with my TIG welder now
Little bit of bumper trimming and it looks factory fit in the bottom bumper grill
Oil stays a lot cooler now even in the 25-30c days weve been having lately
Just waiting for the new BC springs to turn up and some AN fittings to turn up for a boot mounted fuel swirl pot and i think im done with this car modification wise. It doesnt need any more power and really goes around corners well now 😁
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