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new guy questions!


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Ive been offered a swap for my 1991 S13 200sx. A 1993 impreza sti import.. 

According to wiki the sti didnt exist until 94 so will this 93 just be a wrx? Its apparentlt an import but the ariel is on the A pillar not the rear quarter? I cant see if it has a rear wiper. Although apparently it has jap writing dotted over it... but it was first registered in thr UK in 93 so it would have been imported brand new?

The car is located in kent im in midlands so i cant actually view it. If i go to see it i will be towing an s13 100 miles and i dont wanna waste my time or fuel..

Ive seen a few pics. It looks like its been facelifted.  It does not have red manifolds.. although apparently early stis dont.. cant see the dash properly to see AC or anything. I doubt the guy will send me his VIN over fb for me to check lol...


Any advice would be mega




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EJ20G DW1HE engine? Are these good? Someone told me it is forged as standard? This ones apparently putting out 300bhp?

Although it sounded like basic mods only.. exhaust and up pipe.. BOV mushroom filter.. TD05 20g turbo..

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You need a pic of the model code on the passenger side front strutt under the bonnet. Then have a search through the "applied model codes" in a sticky thread on here (somewhere lol ).

Pic of the sti build plaque


One of the model code plaque


I doubt it's a sti as I'm sure they only made them from 94 onwards and tbh mine is the earliest date I've seen so far .

The early wrx's still come with the "closed deck block" which with the right internals is the strongest 2ltr block subaru made . It will also have a tdo5 16g turbo as standard which is good for 350hp .so its quite likely that it is running close to 300hp cos the grey 380 cc injectors will max out at 290hp ish .

If you do go to look at it just check the inner rear arches for rust and hear it start from cold to rule out knock or piston slap.

If you bring it home start with plugs and fluid service and if it seems to run ok get it on a dyno to make sure it's running ok before you start giving it too much beans [emoji6]

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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