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Buying an Impreza shell


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depends on engine spec as costs will vary based on that, closed deck block, fully forged internals, stroker kit etc. As mentioned Savage has a great build thread for his classic - step by step could you rebuild your own unit?

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Main thing is to decide what you want from the car once it's done (daily driver ,track toy or oe spec)

As @ 330hp + it gets expensive, forged build, bigger turbo and drive train upgrades won't leave you much change from £4k ,even if you do all the work yourself .

Do you know what version impreza you have ? As this will help us know what version engine will be a straight swap.

If the coil pack is in the centre of the inlet it's a v4. if the coil pack is to one side it's a v5 .

The main reason I reshelled mine was because of the rear arch and suspension turrets had rotten away .

Is it a clean Shell ?

As the last thing you want is to spend time n money on a cars mechanicals to only find out it will fail a mot due to rot .then end up spending another £1k getting it back roadworthy and looking good .

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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