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Hi from East Sussex

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Wotcha and welcome - Im sure someone will be along with a suggestion although I know there are a couple of modification lists contained within some of the threads - in the interim check out some of the build threads as they may have similar mods to yours and will provide the answer.


Have you  high flow fuel pump and air filter fitted also?

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Thanks I'll be sure to look at some. 

I've got an walbro 255 in the tank. Only just found out what turbo was in the car I had always assumed it was a td04. I was quite surprised to find a vf22. So now just trying to make the most of it. 

I've got a rising rate FRP and a better pump ordered as mines second hand and noisy. 

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Hi n welcome to s.o.c.

Some hell'va sticky tyres you've got on that wagon [emoji39]

Phase 1 yellow 440 cc injectors will be a straight swap but they're getting rare now .

Phase 2 yellow 440's will fit with "phase adapters " which cost about £ 40 including new O rings.

Either set of yellows will max @ about 350hp but you can't just fit the injectors or fuel pressure reg . As the ecu won't be able to adjust the fuelling enough itself and will have to be remapped.

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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